Monday, March 23, 2009

Jenny Melle, eh?

So, I finally decided on my official photography business name: Jenny Melle Photography. What do you think? Please just convince me that you love it... even if you really don't-- I've spent months changing it again and again and for the sake of all of my friends and family who have had to deal with my extreme indecisiveness, let's not start all over again. We've gone from "Red Lily" to "Jen Gustafson" to "Silhouettes" (thank you Sarah!) and so on and so on and finally after much debate and flusteredness (def: being extremely flustered), I finally chose THE name--- with no take-backs!

So, you're probably asking "who is this so called Jenny Melle-- you don't go by Jenny and your last name is certainly not Melle." Jenny Melle is a nickname my parents called me growing up-- just a shorter version of my first and middle name "Jennifer Ramelle". It's that simple.

Some people have suggested just using Ramelle as my photo business name, however, Dave (my hunky husband) reminds me that Ramelle (or Romelle) is often considered a Mexican boy name. We don't want any confusion, so Jenny Melle it is.

Now we can really get my website crackin' (thank you Naomi!) and get going with this whole photo business thing.


  1. Yay Jen!!! You finally have a blog! I love it! And I love JennyMelle!!!

  2. I love your blog as well! And love the pictures and the name of your company, I know how you feel I can never decided and change things 50 times before leaving it alone! Thanks for the enjoyment!

  3. PERFECT! Why didn't I think of that!

  4. I like it! ... I give you a thumbs up :)