Tuesday, April 28, 2009

...and breath.

I remember the good ol' days of college, procrastinating on homework until the very last second it was due and pulling an all-nighter to get it done. Well, those days are long gone... things change a bit when you have a baby... apparently. :) The last few days I've spent tirelessly working on completing my assignments for my studio lighting class at DMACC-- shooting pictures, creating silly collages, editing until the wee hours of morning, burning CD's, printing, re-printing, and mounting. I am way too old for this procrastination business.

The class has been mediocre at best, but I did feel like I learned a little about different lighting techniques (more from my 2 day class at Christian Photo and then practicing with own new lights, but whatever), and I got tons of practice.
I turned in all of my assignments last night at 10pm. Now, I can breath... at least until next week when the class critiques each other's work.
So, I thought I'd show you what I've been working on.

Assignment: Product Display
Purpose: Create a full page drink feauture-- give the photo a warm antique feeling.
** This is my fabulous pal Mandi.

Title: Unwind (above)


Assignment: Collage

Purpose: Create an interesting collage using your own photos, images from magazines, and text.
** This topic speaks of today's beauty standards and the pressure little girls and women feel to "measure up" to what society says is beautiful.

Title: Beauty Standards (left)
Assignment: Make Room for Type
Purpose: Shoot something that either has typing in it already or a photo which leaves enough room for typing to be placed beside it.
* I had 2 that I liked for this assignment-- but both for different reasons. I love the color pop of the crayons but I ended up turning in the Jam session one... b/c it accented the words more creatively.

Title: Color Me Happy (above)

Title: Jam Session (above)

Assignment: Arrangement
Purpose: Create a visually exciting image using 5 or more objects.

Title: Caliente (above)

Assignment: Food/Beverage
Purpose: Create an image using an everday food-- for a grocery store. Make the image as appetizing as possible.

Title: Fresh Squeezed (above)

Assignment: Impact of Design
Purpose: Create a visually exciting image using an everyday ordinary object. The image must be monochromatic with one popping color.

**Again with this one I had 2 that I liked. I love the duck one, but I chose the egg one because the background of the duck shot has a bluish tinted background (even though it was actually black-- the bath mat changes it to a slight blue)- and the assignment was to use a black textured background.

Title: Dripping Yolk (above) (creative, I know)... thanks Mandi. :)

Title: Overboard (above)

Assignment: Hands
Purpose: Create a unique image around a hand or hands.

Title: Hold On To your Roots (above)

Assignment: Final Presentation
Purpose: Take a picture of a person without the person being in it.

** This is a photo representing Dave's Grampy :) in Rhode Island. He used to be a milk man and a dairy producer.

Title: Milk Man (I know... I'm pretty unstoppable with the creative titles). :)